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“Create healthy habits, not restrictions.”

Meet Our Founders,
Magdalena Gwiazda & Sean Jones

It All Started with Memories of Grandparents’ Farm...

Magdalena, born and raised in Poland, had the best of two worlds when growing up.
On weekdays, she spent her time in the city, busy with activities ranging from martial arts to ballet. On weekends, she visited her grandparents’ farm near a lake, running around colorful fields and gardens full of only the freshest vegetables, the most aromatic herbs, and the sweetest fruits.

Even when spending time in the city, her mother would find the time every day to prepare fresh, healthy meals for her family using simple, wholesome ingredients.
With such an upbringing, it is no surprise that Magdalena has grown to be passionate about health and nutrition.

As someone that had managed to stay away from junk food throughout her childhood, Magdalena was shocked by the overall lack of quality of food in the United States, a country where she moved to study healthcare management of all things.
After spending some time in the country, she started noticing that her American diet was harming her digestive system. Soon, she realized that it wasn’t only her digestive system that was in trouble, though.

Looking into the issue deeper, she learned that:

  • As much as 60% of Americans are overweight or clinically obese
  • Americans are more likely than citizens of many other countries to have a chronic illness, cancer, autism, food allergies, and diabetes
  • Secondary health conditions associated with obesity like diabetes and heart diseaseare expected to bankrupt the healthcare system in the near feature

Exploring further, Magdalena realized that part of the problem stemmed from two issues:

  • 1 Unlike in the European Union of which Poland is a part, food companies in the United States are not restricted from using certain suspected – or even known – carcinogens (cancer-causing ingredients) in their products
  • 2 People focus on eating fewer calories (a typical weight-loss strategy) and restricting certain types of nutrients like fats or carbohydrates rather than looking at the overall quality of the food they are eating


Sean's journey of discovery began when he started learning more about industrialized foods; realizing that many of these can cause serious health problems later in life. As he focused and delved deeper into this topic, he found that the information that he knew just barely scratched the surface, and there was much more to learn. This understanding launched him into new realms that included reading, talking with nutritionists, documentaries about our food system, the supplements that we take, and what to avoid that may contain toxins. He was creating the beginning of this new adventure.

One might call this less of an interest and more of an obsession. His own history involved a healthy lifestyle including winning a heavy weight body building competition in his early 20’s. After making some bad life decisions he turned his life around, created a merchant services company and pursued martial arts. He wanted to take those lessons to the next level with healthy food.

In search of answers he was reading the labels of the supplements that he had been taking to encourage good health. Time after time, he found that there were chemicals in his supplements that were not only unnecessary but could cause harm. Some of the chemicals were familiar, while others were those that he could not even pronounce. It dawned on him that the pursuit of good health had become a marketing scheme for some companies that the average consumer was not aware of.

The more he researched the more he found out that many people do not eat real food.

Instead, we are consuming factory-made, industrial-produced food that contain substances such as: High fructose corn syrups, Antibiotics, Artificial Sweeteners & Colors, Maltodextrin, Trans Fats, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Pesticides and more. The real culprit of our non-food diet is corn syrup, and 92% of the corn that is used for the basis of the syrup and Maltodextrin are engineered or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

An additional scare is that farmers have been using pesticides and weed killers that contain glyphosate. This is a key ingredient in pesticides that is supposed to increase wheat harvest.  This use was a recommendation to get the often-difficult process of even drying for wheat and barley, so that it sped up the process and offered faster to-market abilities.

As he continued to learn, he discovered disinformation in food advertising. A large food company can have the words “natural” or “zero trans-fat” without accountability. With only some attractive visuals, they can appeal to those that want good health and yet supply them with unhealthy products.

After months and months of research he knew that he was fed up and had decided to be committed to making a critical change in the health industry. He felt compelled to bring awareness to the realities of what is happening with our food. Sharing this information had become part of his personae and he knew that the major brands and food corporations would not want this known.

His journey took a new path to emphasize his core belief in a nutritional lifestyle. With the help of experts, he developed Turbocharged Nutrition, and considers it to be his contribution to society and to the world.

He has embraced his calling and passion, to truly help others to become healthier. And will continue this endeavor to make a health-enhancing and positive impact on the world.

Fate allowed Sean to travel and that was when he met Magdalena. Her native country of Poland had given her an upbringing that offered only healthy foods and a grandmother that had taught her to appreciate the joys of everything natural. In other words, Magdalena had never been raised consuming the unhealthy fast foods of the West. When she arrived in the United States to pursue a career in healthcare management, she began to get sick. It did not take long for her to recognize that it was the American diet that was making her ill.

They talked at length and recognized that they shared the same philosophies of good, healthy nutrition. They saw that chronic disease and obesity in the U.S. was higher than many other countries and it was then that they decided to join forces and together, try to take actions that would make a difference. After two years of research and development, TurboCharged Body Fuel was born. They take pride in knowing that the product is packed with the very best synergistic nutrition, vitamins, micronutrients, anti-inflammatories and probiotics.

We have been adamant about never including added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and yet it is as tasty as an orange popsicle.

Our journey and adventure continue, and we know that our efforts are truly changing the health of the world.


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